This platform is being used as a form of communication to the NSAD Community with regards to Dylan Steyns' recent diagnosis of testicular cancer. As more and more people have been finding out about this situation, there has been an increasing outpour of concern and care for the Steyns Family.  A group of parents, Pip Bruce, Lorna Williams, and Karen Schafer have put together this platform of communication. This can be a space where everyone can be kept up to date and also channel their love and well-wishes. If you wish to send an email or reach out a helping hand this email address below can be used to navigate the best way to do so:

There are a few options for those wishing to lend a helping hand: A Meal Schedule has been set up for The Steyns Family, with Dylan in and out of chemotherapy treatment and wife, Alicia, eight months pregnant,  delivering a meal can be a great way to help with the family's time management and care of health. To sign up to volunteer: click here.  A Schedule for delivery of fresh cold-pressed organic juices from Glory Juice Co, which are packed with nutrients to help support Dylan's strict health plan in his journey of recovery has also been organized. To sign up to volunteer to contribute: click here. To contribute to Dylan's supplement support, a schedule has been organized you can choose to volunteer by clicking here.

Dylan has begun his second round of chemotherapy treatment and will continue a treatment cycle through to mid-February. During this time of treatment, he will be sharing the Artistic Director duties on and off-site with his wife, the Programs and Communications Director, Alicia Steyns. Arrangements for the dance classes taught by Dylan Steyns are being taken care of by the trusting hands of the NSAD Faculty.

While Dylan will not physically be at the studio during his treatment period, he is there in spirit every day and will pop in to visit and view classes when he can.  He is bound and determined to overcome this challenge and carry on with his usual routine as soon as possible. Fortunately, this type of cancer has a high success rate, however it still requires a tremendously difficult road to recovery; he will be working hard to fight for good health.

We are very appreciative of the amazing concern and support people have already provided during this difficult time. Dylan is a very resilient person both mentally and physically, he would like to ask everyone to help him out by staying strong and positive, and it is with this that keeps the NSAD community happy, safe and loving space that it is.