This platform is being used as a form of communication to the NSAD Community with regards to Dylan Steyns' recent diagnosis of testicular cancer. As more and more people have been finding out about this situation, there has been an increasing outpour of concern and care for the Steyns Family.  A group of parents, Pip Bruce, Lorna Williams, and Karen Schafer have put together this platform of communication. This can be a space where everyone can be kept up to date and also channel their love and well-wishes. If you wish to send an email or reach out a helping hand this email address below can be used to navigate the best way to do so:  Your support in helping The Steyns Family through this chapter is beyond appreciated, there aren't enough words to express their gratitude. A huge thank you to everyone's support through the Meal Train Program's during the period of time Dylan was in and out of chemotherapy and during the delivery of The Steyns family's third baby boy! Below is the most recent update from Dylan and Alicia:

To Our Incredible Community, 

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your ongoing support in this unique 2019/2020 Dance Season. We have experienced so much together this year and without your support, love and well wishes we could not have persevered. We are overwhelmed with the kindness and care of this beautiful community. 

A positive update on Dylan's cancer journey; he has completed his chemotherapy as well as two lung surgeries, each with great success. His results have come back within normal range, resulting in him having responded well to his treatments; there is no active cancer detected! He is continuing to work hard at staying healthy and positive as he continues his healing process and rebuilding of strength.

A little update on our family: Neko is almost five months old! He is a very happy baby and is getting ready to chase after his big brothers, he watches their every move! Kane and Kyro remain inthralled by Neko and we love our family dynamic of three boys!

Thank you again for your patience and understanding during the Covid-19 closures, throughout our online programs and in the re-opening of our studio. We are extremely grateful for your continued support. We are honoured to have you a part of our community and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

With love, 

Dylan & Alicia Steyns