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2021/2022 Dance Registration

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Dance Classes

Develops poise, flexibility & strength, while being a critical foundation for all other dance forms.
General, & Performance Class Programs, along with our "Boys Only" Hip Hop, & Jazz Technique classes.
Exciting, & lively techniques, based on the style of dance typically found in Broadway musicals.
A free & expressive style of dance, that is ever evolving, drawing on the technique of ballet.
Dance that is an urban inspired art form, set to popular, modern hip hop music.
Fast paced, energetic, & fun style of dance, that draws on the variations of modern dance, & ballet.
Modern dance with both the elegance of ballet, & the rhythms of jazz.
A syllabus developed in London, England, that reflects the most current trends in modern dance.
Inspire your preschooler with a comprehensive program that includes ballet, creative dance, tap, & hip hop.

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