For those students who wish to perform and compete in a Solo, Duo or Trio, we offer a unique program through which dancers work with an NSAD instructor or a guest choreographer in a genre of their choice. Choreography is tailored to each dancer to enhance individual strengths and improve overall technique. Participants compete in their choice of competitions throughout the year as well as in one recital. Email your request to participate, upon acceptance into the program the tuition is due.  Tuition for a Solo, Duo or Trio is a tiered structure, click here to view. The fees can be divided into 6 equal payments to pay (Sept thru to Feb), rather then a one lump sum.

Acceptance in this program is based on a variety of criteria including, but not limited to, participation in a placement audition, the desired instructor's availability, the skill level of the dancer(s) and the comparable technical skills within a proposed group. Please note that only students enrolled within the Performance Group Program are eligible to participate in the Solo, Duo, and Trio Program. Please read below for a detailed outline of our program policies for Solo, Duo and Trio participants.


Filling out an application for a solo, duo or trio does not guarantee acceptance into the program. The students preference of genre, partner(s) and choreographer will be taken into account. However the instructors reserve the right to match the students with the genre, partner(s) and choreographer that will best suit and challenge them. It is strongly advised that a student speak with their desired instructor(s) in advance, to discuss their eligibility. Registration for the program closes September 30th. Acceptance is based on the date of submission, the respective instructor’s schedule availability, the skill level of the dancer(s) and the comparable technical level within a proposed duo or trio. 

NSAD reserves the right to turn down an application for a Solo, Duo or Trio if: 

  • The desired instructor cannot accommodate any further solos, duos or trios in their schedule.
  • A dancer’s technical level in the respective genre does not meet a minimum standard as determined by the instructor. This minimum standard is purely subjective and will vary between instructors. For example, some instructors may be more willing than others to work with beginners.
  • The skill levels within a proposed duo or trio are not comparable. For example, if a beginner wants to dance with an advanced dancer or dancers.
  • A dancer has demonstrated poor commitment to the Solo, Duo & Trio Program in the past.

Performances and Competitions:

Students prepare a solo, duo or trio to take to their chosen competitions throughout the year and to perform in the Performance Group recital "Snowmotion". Participation in "Snowmotion" is by audition to ensure that this program is being taken seriously with self-practise. Throughout the year, some solos, duos and trios may be selected to take part in community performances. 

Payment Policies:

The cost of the Solo, Duos & Trio Program includes 6 hours of teacher instruction, which covers choreography as well as time for cleaning and polishing.

  • The cost of costumes and competition entry fees are not included
  • Fees are due upon acceptance/prior to the first booking date with the instructor.
  • 24 hour notice is required should the student need to cancel any pre-arranged rehearsals
  • There will be a $35 plus GST fee for any NSF payments

Independent Preparation:

In addition to the time with their instructor, students are required to put in extra, independent rehearsal time that they organize during available studio time (at no additional cost). Students must self-practice a minimum of 8 hours that have been "signed off" by an NSAD instructor. If followed properly, this process should ensure that a student is ready by the date of their first competition. If additional time with an instructor is desired or required, private lessons can be arranged with the instructor at a cost of $75 to $140.00 (depending on the instructor) per hour plus GST which must be paid in advance. Rehearsal time slots are limited and are assigned on a first come, first serve basis based on the availability of studio space in the rental book at the front desk - student rehearsal bookings have a reduced rental fee.

If the preparation process is not followed properly and a student is not, therefore, prepared well in advance of the first competition date, the instructor reserves the right to pull the number from one or all competitions. This is to protect the reputation of both the student and NSAD. The instructor will communicate with both the student and their parent(s) in the event that the preparation process is not progressing within the proper time frame. In the case where a lack of preparation and subsequent withdrawal occurs despite the best efforts of the instructor, competition fees will be forfeited.