The structure and discipline of ballet not only develops poise, flexibility and strength but also serves as a critical foundation for all other forms of dance. We offer classes through the Royal Academy of Dancing Syllabus as well as non-syllabus classes in ballet technique and repertoire, pointe, beginner teen ballet and Progressive Ballet Technique.

Royal Academy of Dancing (R.A.D.)

We offer R.A.D ballet classes for ages 5 to 18, from Pre-Primary through Grade 5 and from Intermediate Foundation to Advanced One. Examinations throughout the R.A.D. Institute are upon recommendation by the instructor and are held annually with an examiner appointed by the Royal Academy of Dancing. For levels Intermediate Foundation and up every student participates in an examination whether it be an R.A.D. Examination or an NSAD In-House Examination. For a more detailed description of the RAD ballet exam class program click here.

Performance Ballet

We offer multiple levels of Ballet Performance Groups, these groups work on a dance routine throughout the year and compete at three dance competitions during the Spring Season. These groups also have multiple performance opportunities such as two annual recitals and community events.


This graceful form of dance is a central part of a ballet dancer’s classical training and repertoire where special shoes are worn to support the dancers foot. Students begin their Pointe training between the ages of 11-13 years old by the recommendation of their instructor. Classes are offered at four levels according to age and technical ability.

Open Ballet

These non-syllabus classes offer open ballet work to dancers who do not wish to be part of the examination program but who wish to continue progressing technically. Classes consist of Barre Work, Centre Practice and steps that travel across the floor.