Our Half Day Program provides serious training and technical advancement while maintaining the NSAD focus on cross-trained and well rounded dancers. Participants enjoy the benefit of a more condensed schedule that allows them to train seriously while freeing up more after school and weekend time. The program offers a minimum of 15 hours of training per week in conjunction with the requirements of both the North Vancouver School District's Peak Performance Program and the West Vancouver School District's Super Achievers Program. 

For students interested in applying for the 2019/2020 Half Day Program, please email info@nsad.ca. All applications are reviewed and accepted on an individual basis and each applicant new or returning is required to attend an audition in the spring (date to be announced). 

For the North Vancouver School District's Peak Performance Program application form, please click here. For the West Vancouver School District's Super Achievers Program application form, please click here. Both school districts have the deadline for applications of mid-spring, for both returning and new applicants. Please be sure the section of the school district’s application form that needs to be filled out by Artistic Director, Dylan Steyns, has been arranged by the front desk administration.

The classes listed below are exclusive to the Half Day Program, and are offered Monday to Friday between the hours of 1:30pm - 3:45pm. The remaining classes to fill the 15-20 hours required by the school districts are to consist of: four performance groups, two syllabus classes (R.A.D. Ballet or I.S.T.D Modern) and one class of the students choice (any additional performance groups will be subject to the monthly performance fee). Students choose their remaining classes from our General Class schedule in which classes are offered after 3:45 and on Saturdays. To view our schedule, please click here. To view our Fee Structure, please click here. Our Half Day Program is a monthly cost of $725.00 plus GST which covers 15+ hours of dance classes, four performance group costume fees and competition entry fees and weekly workshops throughout the year. 

To print a copy of the Half Day Schedule of classes, please click here. To view the 2019/2020 Schedule of classes, please click here.

Class Schedule