Modern dance taught at North Shore Academy of Dancing is of the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers Syllabi. We offer classes from Primary to Advanced 2 level. Modern is a great foundation to dance for dancers of any age and compliments both ballet, jazz and lyrical. This genre draws on the vocabulary and variations of jazz technique and ballet technique. Modern has a strong foundation in musical rhythms, strength in core, grounded steps, turns and jumps. Modern depicts a high level of energy, often using movements with strong isolations, sharpness, smooth transitions, rhythms and different variations of music. The techniques are step-orientated with each grade developing a specific style.

Examinations throughout the I.S.T.D. Institute are upon recommendation by the instructor and are held annually with an examiner appointed by the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers Syllabi. Fir levels Intermediate Foundation and up every student participates in an examination whether it be an I.S.T.D. Examination or an NSAD In-House Examination. For a more detailed description of the I.S.T.D. modern exam class program click here.

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