We offer classes in Hip Hop, Video Dance, Smooth Groove and Boys Hip Hop. Offered to ages four and up, our classes reflect the latest trends and are set to popular, modern hip hop music.

Hip Hop

This genre has its roots in choreography that evolved from the hip-hop culture of the 1970’s. It has since given rise to a wide range of dance styles. Our hip hop classes incorporate both conventional and current styles of dance. "Video Dance Hip Hop" is the style of choreography seen on current music videos. It tends to be a very explosive and eye catching style of dance that involves a lot of group formations. Michael Jackson and Usher music videos are good examples of this style of hip hop dance. "Smooth Groove Hip Hop" the name speaks for itself! These classes are designed to maximize your hip hop ability while developing your own, personal style. Learn to apply your unique signature to moves while becoming very grounded in hip hop technique. You will soon feel energized and confident in your hip hop "grooveability".

Boys Hip Hop

The male camaraderie generated in our “boys only” classes gives rise to a unique and powerful energy that is expressed through a wide range of hip hop choreography.

Hip Hop Performance Groups

We offer mulitple levels of Hip Hop Performance Groups, these groups work on a dance routine throughout the year and compete at three dance competitions during the Spring Season. These groups also have multiple performance opportunities as such two annual recitals and community events.