For over a decade, Chelsea Steyns was one of the main instructors at North Shore Academy of Dancing. In 2007, she fulfilled her life’s dream by purchasing the studio and becoming its Principal and Artistic Director. Her vision was to provide an environment where dance could be enjoyed by students of all ages and skill levels. She was sensitive to the demands of her students and molded her curriculum accordingly. With the aide of her mother, brother and many dedicated staff, she created a multi faceted program that allowed for the development of well-rounded or cross-trained dancers who could choose their level of commitment. Most importantly, she provided an environment where dance could be taken seriously but still be fun. After her tragic passing in June of 2013, her brother, Dylan assumed leadership of the studio and, with the backing of a very committed faculty team, has dedicated himself to carrying Chelsea’s legacy forward and allowing NSAD students to continue benefiting from her vision.

A video of Chelsea and Dylan performing a duo together