Early Acceptance Auditions for Performance Groups & Select Sample Classes

We are holding auditions for the 2018/2019 Performance Classes during the week of June 18th-20th.

To view the audition schedule click here, this schedule also has sample technique classes for students wanting to try something new! For students attending auditions they must hand in the "Audition Checklist" at their first audition of the week, please also ensure that you neatly fill in the sign up sheet posted on the studio door before your audition begins. This is how we contact you to let you know the placement of your audition, please ensure the infomration and classes checked off are correct!

 For the "Audition Checklist" please click 

Please note, the Early Acceptance Auditions are in grey italic font and the sample classes are in black regular font. You do not need to registration for the sample classes, these are complimentary classes for any new or exisiting dancers! If you have any questions regarding this schedule, please contact the NSAD Administration through email at: info@nsad.ca