North Shore Academy of Dancing is excited to introduce a new addition to our Programs! Starting in September 2022 we will be offering an advanced contemporary program with Nadia White. This program is exclusive to NSAD and has been created based on feedback from parents and students looking to bridge the gap between graduating from high-school and wanting to continue dance whether for personal enjoyment or to enter the professional dance industry. This program is being offered to students in Grade 10 and up and will help create the pathway for your child to pursue their dreams after high school while continuing to nurture their studies and love of dance.

Advanced Contemporary Program Outline

Directed by Dylan Steyns, this program was designed to create an encouraging and high caliber avenue into the industry of dance. This program evolved from the interest and request of our studnets to work more closely with Nadia White and her extraordinary way of devloping confidence, creativity and technique within her lessons. Throughout the year, she will create three concept videos, develop student choreography projects, further developing improv skills, style development, stage presense and student confidence and care. Nadia White is an instructor who inspires, creates warm and welcoming envirments to create, encourages individuality and embodies a creative spirit that leaves a life long imprint on every dancers journey.  She currently holds a professional role within the industry of dance and has an extensive experience in the dance industry while also focuses on passing on her knowledge through teaching dance.

This program will provide students with the tools and knowledge to continue into the dance industry after high-school at a professional level whether it be to join a dance company, participate in the film industry, or begin their teaching career. Alternatively, this program can also pave the avenue for students to pursue their love of dance post high school graduation by participating in dance classes either locally or globally, for fitness, or by joining their university dance team. 

Nadia White Contemporary Program Details:

Placement into this Advanced Contemporary Program will be by invitation and audition during our early acceptance auditions in end of May. The 10 month program consists of a weekly 1.5 hour contemporary class, an opportunity for a reduced price on professional Headshots by Richie Lubaton, three exclusive concept videos per year, opportunity for career based talks with professional guest speakers and insight into the dance industry.

Students enrolled in this program must also attend ballet and/or modern classes and an advanced jazz technique class. The 2 hour class is based on our tiered fee structure, as well as a monthly Apprentice Fee of $25.00 plus GST, which covers the three concept videos, extra rehearsals etc. While this program is not a performance class working to compete in the Spring season, there will still be performance opportunities for the dancers at exclusive community events and shows throughout the year.

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