Since September 2017, North Shore Academy of Dancing began offering a hip hop Apprentice Program in collaboration with KTL Co. This program is exclusive to NSAD and has been created for our dancers to bridge the gap between graduating from high-school and wanting to continue dance whether for personal preference or to enter the dance industry. This program is being offered to students in Grade 10 and up and will help create the pathway for your child to pursue their dreams after high school, all while continuing to dance.

KTL Apprentice Program Outline

Directed by Shauna Smith, both a long term highly valued hip hop instructor at Harbour Dance Centre and a well respected internationally recognized choreographer and teacher within the hip hop community, this program will provide guidance, insight and opportunity to our NSAD students. With Shauna’s many years of talent and experience worldwide we are very honoured to have herself and the KTL Co. affiliated with North Shore Academy of Dancing.

Program Outline:

  •  Learning how to freestyle and improv in a confident and unique way that will bring the best of your abilities forward.
  • Choreography training will include techniques on how to pick up combination of steps quicker and with more clarity.
  • Guidance on improving performance quality.
  • Individualized mentorship on goal setting and support.
  • Useful tools on how to create and develop your own style of choreography.
  • Industry discussions, styling/branding tools, and basic history both locally and globally (specifically with regards to choreography, teachers, dancers, artists etc).

KTL Apprentice Program Details

Placement into the KTL Apprentice program will be by audition during our early acceptance auditions held in mid June of each year, stay tuned for an audition class schedule. The 10 month program consists of a weekly two-hour KTL Apprentice Session, a professional Headshot by Richie Lubaton, training with the senior KTL Co. every other month at Harbour Dance Centre, career based talks with professional guest speakers and 2 classes per month at Harbour Dance Centre plus any additional classes at an exclusive rate!

The KTL Apprentice Program is 2 hours per week. The 2 hour class is based on our tiered fee structure, as well as a monthly Apprentice Fee of $50.00 plus GST. To view our Class Fee Structure, please click here. To view our 2018/2019 Schedule, please click here.

History of the KTL Co.

Kill The Lights Company was co-created in 2012 by Shauna Smith and Ken Yun. The KTL Co. is based out of Vancouver’s Harbour Dance Centre, this mentorship based training program focusses on helping the individual dancers recognize and achieve their goals and career opportunities in the dance industry. The company trains twice per week and provides many performance opportunities throughout the year.